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Sunday, December 3, 2017

MTN is Giving Out free 100MB – How to Check

Hello guys, MTN Nigerian has commend it offer for the festive period, they are giving out free 100MB to every of its loyal customers most especially internet users. This offer is automatically given to you without any notification. In some cases, some people were notified of the development.

The data works perfectly for all internet enabled devices such as blackberry, java, android, iOS, PC and others. Additionally, it works for without any form of tweaking or use of VPN Apps.

We got this kinda offer around last year at this same period. So it not really a surprise. But this time, it is different, because if I can remember at last year, we were able to accumulate (a loophole). Anyways see how you can get your own 100MB from MTN.

How to Get MTN Free MB
To grab your own part of the offer, just dial *559*4# to check.

Enjoy and also share with friends
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Monday, November 27, 2017

How To Get Free N500 Airtime on Any Network Within 10Mins

Today I will be explaining on how to get free N500 airtime using the Zoto App. Although some people already know about the app, but the new update affects everyone. So see how to enjoy free airtime from Zoto.

Meanwhile, the latest update from Zoto lets you get free N500 on registration or when you update your app. With Zoto you can keep subscribing for data every month without taking anything from your pocket. With Zoto you can also earn up to N40,000 Airtime by referring/telling your friends about this mobile recharge app!

Without making much noise, see how to get your own free N500 airtime, maybe for the weekly sub. #Winkz

For those who already know about zoto, update your app here

How Can I Make Money With Zoto App?
The registration process is pretty simple when you install the Zoto application.  

1. Firstly, Download Zoto App here

2.  Fill in your complete details, like phone number, name and email. Then you will tick I have Referral and input this code OJOKAP.

3. Immediately you enter the code OJOKAP and complete your registration, you would then be given N1000 for free only when you make a recharge of between N50 to N100 your line (your phone number) using the Zoto Mobile Recharge Application.

4. After registering you get your N1000 and N500 instantly which is sent to your phone number you used during registration. You can send the airtime anytime you like.

Like I said earlier, you can invite your friends to earn more with Zoto. Guess this is cool?

If you experience any problem, use the comment box and we will help!
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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Free Download Official Dream League Soccer 2018 (DLS18)

Perfectly refurbished, dream league soccer 2018 is out with quite some major changes that would be hardly seen in its close predecessor, the Dream league soccer 2017 (DLS17). The new DLS18 comes with a lot of exciting features to provider you with the much needed fun you deserve considering the fact that it is of the best soccer games you can find on google play store.

With a total memory space of less than 400mb and is played offline unlike other soccer games found in google play store. It works on android 2.3 and above.

To play the game, you would still have to perform tasks like choosing your team name, team kit design and chose a captain. You will have to win matches for you to move to higher divisions.

Improved Changes in Dream League soccer 2018 (DLS18):
1. Improved keyboard/joystick.

2. Changes of player to their new club who were transfer in/out during the transfer window earlier.

3. Improved camera view.

Download Dream league soccer 2018 

Watch out for best games to watch out for in 2018.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3 Awesome MTN Data Packages You Can Go For - Cheap MTN Plans

MTN data plans as we all know is arguably unrivaled, when I say unrivaled, I mean they can't be easily compared with the likes of Airtel data plans and 9mobile data plans thought it could be said to be closely trailing Glo in providing affordable data plans. Considering the fact that MTN network can be virtually be found everywhere in Nigeria be it in suburbs, rural areas or even in remote villages. Hence, the motto which says: "MTN, everywhere you go". You won't prove them wrong on that.

Having been in the Nigerian market for quite a long period, they can easily predict what their customers need most. Nothing less than 'providing affordable services that provide utmost satisfaction.

Check out these their top data plans for November:

1. MTN 1GB for N500(for pulse users only):
You get as much as 1GB for just N500, which is double the amount of data for 9mobile data plans, and airtel data plans. Airtel provides 750mb for 500 Naira while 9mobile provides just 500mb for 500 naira only. Hope the different is clear?

Now see this trick, imagine let say you buy this data plan over and over again, it keeps accumulating on itself, you end up getting 5Gb for 3000 naira! Isn't this what we call cheap?. LOL!!

Validity: only valid for 14 days.
Note:  this plan can work on any device as far as you are a pulse user.

2. MTN Monthly Data Bundle Plan(1.5gb for 1000 naira):
In this plan, you get 1.5Gb worth of data for only 1000 naira. Suitable for all MTN mobile users.

Validity: valid for 30 days.
To activate: dial *106#.

3. 3.5GB for 2000 naira:
You get 3.5Gb worth of data for 2000 naira using this plan and can last for as much as 30 days.

Validity: valid for only 30 days.
To activate: dial *110#.

NOTE: You can now rollover unused data to the next month subscription using MTN. Only applicable to monthly plans.

To enable this, make sure to auto-renew your data plans before it expires. By doing so, all unused data are automatically moved to the next month.

Hope you enjoyed this. If you're not an MTN user, you can choose from any 9mobile data plans or airtel data plans and also do well to watch out for amazing offers coming your way this festive season.
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Friday, November 17, 2017

See Airtel Amazing Data Offers You Never Knew Of - Activation Codes

Everyday we try to gain access to the internet i.e. for those with internet enabled devices. But before that, Internet isn't accessible for free in Nigeria unless you go through the backdoor (Cheats). However, checkout for affordable data plans for different networks to stay online.

Although many have been pleased lately with the latest data plan from Glo, but have laid complains on Network coverage which is a major limitation to data consumption.

Network service provider, Airtel got good network coverage in Nigeria; so we have carefully selected some data plans which are affordable for use. Yesterday we revealed 9mobile data plans.

Popular network service provider, airtel is not yet ready to quit the struggle to become the best network provider in Nigeria. Check out their current and massive data plans that promise to Keep you forever glued to the internet:

1. Airtel 2G data plans:
2G as we all know can be quite annoying because of it's slowness, but on the other hand, it has it's own advantage, it quite cheap! Sure you would be tempted to move back to 2G network!

>> You get 2GB for as much as N200
>> 6GB for just N500! Isn't this what we call cheap?

Note: can mostly work on 2G.
Validity: can't tell, but would be for less than 30 days.

2. Airtel 150% data plan offer:
Recently introduced by airtel, with this plan, you can get as much as 2GB with just N500. Amazing right?

Note: this offer can only work on selected SIM.
Validity: can last for as much as three weeks

To activate, dial *418*2#.

The above listed plans are the best Airtel plans you can get today, they are affordable and should keep you active online.

Do ensure to share this with friends, they need it
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Checkout Top 9Mobile Cheapest Data Plans (For November)

9Mobile since re-branding has been offering mouthwatering data plans. It's arguably one of the best networks in Nigeria when it comes to provision of internet service as well as internet bundle prices. Anyways today we bring to you the three best recent data plans for the month of November. Check them out and make your choice:

These plans are affordable, we have carefully selected some of 9Mobile Cheap data plans for our lovely viewers. You are now left to select from the under-listed plans and enjoy since there is no working tweak to enjoy.

>> Daily plans: 500MB
>> Weekly plans: 1GB

>> Monthly plans: 1.5GB
Note: These data plans can best work for those who wish to use it for their social networking.
Validity: valid for only 30 days.

How To subscribe: 
>for 500MB, recharge N500 and dial *229*2*12#.
> for 1GB, recharge N1000 and dial *229*2*7#.
> for 1.5GB, recharge N1200 and dial *229*2*7#.

If you relish buying data plans because of their affordability and unlimited access to social media, then you would love this!

Validity: valid for only 1 week.
To subscribe, make sure to have N150 balance and dial *343*6*10#.

9Mobile keeps on bringing exciting new data plans for it esteemed users nationwide and this isn't left out. With the night/weekend browsing data plans, you can save your normal data plan  and use this during the allocated time.

Validity: valid for just 30 days, from 7am to 7pm.

Note: this data plan can be used during the weekend and sometimes, on normal week.
To get the code, keep looking out for our next post.

For those who make use of other network aside 9Mobile, we promise to bring you details of your network new data plan for the month of November.
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Download Assault Fury, Mission Combat APK for Android Free

Assault Fury: Mission Combat APK is a action and shooting game for Android. On this game you are given a task to shoot and kill terrorists and dangerous opponents and on the other hand protect citizens who are peaceful.

You also take part in street fights  which is really tense but a good gamer has nothing to worry about the level of this game. It supports a lot of Android versions and comes in a small size to help you save storage. - Assault Fury Download Link


As a fighting and shooting game, you have different weapons such as sniper rifles to use on enemies. Enemies/terrorists send in drones and combat robot; you are expected to avoid them or defeat them. As you go on with this game you can upgrade your weapon or shooting features.

Below are some features of Assault Fury Mission Combat APK

Features of Assault Fury: Mission Combat
1. Different game modes
2. Cool and exciting missions
3. Good sound quality and graphic
4. Big weapon arsenal

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Free Online Streaming Introduced by Airtel Ghana for 14 Days

Airtel users in Ghana now have the ability to stream online videos for free for the next 14 days. So if you are in Ghana using Airtel you are entitled to 0.0k streaming of online videos (movies, sports, games, entertainment or any kinda movie) Although we don't know whether this is limited to only a few streaming websites.

According to Airtel Ghana of its Official Facebook page, this offer is avaiable to new and existing Airtel subscribers making use of an Android device or any kind of Smartphone with no data limit/cap. Sounds rreally interesting.

Sometimes I wonder why some of this great offers aren't introduced my own country. In fact, there is a host where you can be streaming videos. Smart Ghanaians should know what to do with that host. It can go a long way using your VPN Applications. Well let me brief you a little.

I will reveal this host as i continue; you can use it with Anonytun VPN, XP Psiphon or any VPN app that works perfectly for you.

How to Activate Airtel Free Streaming Ghana
>> Firstly dial *125*7# on your device to activate this plan.
>>Now go to your browser and visit
>>Now you should start watching local videos for free for the next 14days.

Like I said earlier, you can still power all applications with Airtel Free Streaming by utilizing VPN Apps. Anyways, enjoy while it lasts!
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Monday, October 2, 2017

Glo 200% Data Bonus - N1000 Gives 7.2GB, N500 for 3.2GB, 24GB N3000

Glo has revealed another wonderful offer for customers. This offer is really cool; gives you 200% data bonus without any form of tweaking or stress. This time around you will get 2 times the data you subscribed for. Sounds great!

Although the issue of network coverage in some regions in Nigeria is a major limitation. For those with good network coverage, I recommend you try this out because at the moment this is the best data plan in Nigeria.

Glo 200% data bonus works perfectly well for all internet enabled device and also for new and old glo SIM cards. You don't need to panic because this offer is officially from Glo. This time we won't employ the use of malicious apps or any form of tweaking to make this work.

Below is how you can subscribe to this wonderful offer from Glo. But before then see some requirements below

1. Bank Account
2. ATM card
3. Internet enabled device

How To Activate Glo 7GB for N1000, 3.2GB for N500, 24GB for N3,000
Step 1.. You have to be eligible to glo auto renew sub that will give you 100% of what you subscribe by topping up your data balance before it expire or 3 days after it expires you'l get 3.2GB for N1000 instead of 1.6GB

Step 2.. Log on to and create a new account (if you already have and account login) Ignore every other notification message telling you to install the quick teller app

Step 3.. Head straight to the web version of the site Click on data and choose Glo data bundle Choose your preferred data plan.

Step 4.. Enter your glo mobile number and confirm your order.

Step 5.. Fill in your ATM details and you should get an OTP from your bank. Once your payment is complete, your glo data wil be sent.

Step 6.. Dial *127*0# to view your GI.O data and its expiration date.

Congratulations. You can now enjoy 200% data bonus. Cheap and very easy to use. Enjoy while it lasts!
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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Airtel Cheap Data Plans Ghana: 1GB for 5GHs - Siko Kokoo

Airtel Ghana has unveiled cheap data plans for subscribers where you can get 1GB for just 5GHs. According to Airtel Ghana, this offer is dubbed Siko kokoo. But according to observation, this plan has been launched sometime ago, but just a few addition (data offer) of recent.

The Airtel Siko kokoo lasts for 30days and like I said, it is not a time based plan, It can be used 24/7 on Android, Blackberry, Windows, PC or any internet enabled device. You don't need any skill or use of VPN app to make this offer (Airtel 1GB for 5GHs) work for you. All you need to do is follow the procedures which I will be talking about as we proceed.

How To Activate Airtel Siko kokoo Offer (1GB for 5GHs)
1. Firstly, get an Android device or any internet enabled device

2. Insert your Airtel SIM (Even though it new or old)

3. Make sure you have up to 5GHs on your account to subscribe to this bundle.

4. Now dial *125*3# to subscribe to the Airtel Siko kokoo.

5. Immediately, the 5GHs will be deducted from your account balance which you will be rewarded with 1GB for 30Days.

If you are an Airtel customer, What's your thought on this plan? Because as for me, it a lil cool.

Do your friends some good by sharing this information using the social share buttons below.
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Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Power All Apps with Office VPN Using 9Mobile (Unlimited)

Office VPN APK is now available for 9Mobile users who wish to browse for free i.e. without paying a dime. Meanwhile many people have been rocking this for sometime but it got blocked few days ago. Now we will use another working method which is confirmed and working! - 9Mobile Unlimited Browsing with UCMini.

With this tutorial you will make use of Office VPN to browse and download unlimited using 9Mobile via a special but popular browser dubbed UC Mini. Although those who tried using IDM complained about the speed as well as disconnection.

Before then, I will list out some necessary requirements before we process to the main trick. You must be an android user to be able to enjoy this. We will make use of Office VPN Ultra. Now see requirements below.

1. A very strong 3G or 4G (Recommended) network for fast connection.
2. Your Android device or Tablet
3. Download UCMini Here

Office VPN Settings For 9Mobile For Unlimited Browsing/Download
1. Download Office VPN from the above link, install and launch app.

2. Now Tap on Proxy Settings on the Right side of your screen

3. Now Tap apps will appear in grid style, select any App you wish to use with Office VPN. For now, select UCMini since it is a fast browser in terms of downloading and browsing, you can then select your social media apps.

4. Now go back and connect

5. Launch the apps which you have selected @ Proxy settings and enjoy free browsing.

Am sure you really like this? 9Mobile users should rock this as long as it lasts. This method beats every other method you know of as it is swift and easy. You can download without limits 24/7.

Additionally, if you experience issues with time, just use lucky patcher to patch Office VPN to increase time. If you can't increase the time or don't know how to patch the app. You can use the comment section and I will assist you with a tutorial on that.
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Download Latest Tweakware v6.6 APK

Tweakware V6.6 is now available for download. For a few months now we haven't really enjoyed Tweakware even though it is one of the best VPN Apps for free browsing in Nigeria. That is with the current Glo and Etisalat free browsing Tweak.

Anyways, Tweakware v6.6 comes preconfigured with fast disconnection and less disconnection. All thanks to the guru behind this app. Castsport has updated the recent setting for the Glo Tweak in this VPN App. Those who can't connect or experience issues like connection time out on AnonyTun can download Tweakaware v6.6.

Tweakware 6.6 also works with Etisalat 0.0k browsing which is capped at 40-60MB daily. Well, the main target here is with Glo, because it is unlimited. Those without a premium account don’t need to bother. After exceeding the daily bandwidth you can just clear the app's data and cache.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Cheap Airtel Data Plans 2017 - Activation Codes

Airtel is known for their unending offers to customers. These offers come with some conditions which is mainly with eligibility, maybe determined by your usage of data or airtime. Anyways today I will reveal somethings different from offers which am sure you will definitely like.

The cost of data in Nigeria is really high compared to other countries. This has erupted different versions of loopholes (freebrowsing) and misuse of offers. Now we will talk about Cheap Airtel Data plans which maybe you don’t know. They are affordable and can be purchased daily, weekly, monthly.

We have carefully selected from various Airtel data plans and came out with best for you. Now see them below

Airtel Cheap Data Plans
1. Airtel Social Bundles:
The Airtel Social bundle is one of the cheapest plans you can get from Airtel. These plans work for all devices and it is reallt afforadable as it accompanies large data volume at a good amount. Some of the plans are enumerated below
Airtel 1GB for N300 (30 days) - Dial *688*1# to subscribe
Airtel 200MB for N200 (30 days) - Dial *688*2 to subscribe
Airtel 100MB for N100 (30 days) - Dial *688*3# to subscribe

2. Airtel BlackBerry Plans:
Airtel BB Plans are damn cheap and cool for you. For those that go for monthly subscriptions, I highly recommend this for you. With N1000 you can get 3GB. Oh Yea! Totally differ from the Normal 1.5GB for N1000 which am sure is not really cool.
To subscribe, click here and you are on your way to 3GB data for N1000

3. Airtel Night Plan:
For those that can stay throughout the night I recommend you go for this plan. It is really cheap and can be used without hitches with network, that is if the network coverage is cool in your area.
To subscribe you have to migrate from your current call tariff plan. The night plan lasts from 12AM - 5AM which N25 gives you 500MB
To subcribe dial *312#, press 1 to migrate to smarttrybe. Now if Migration is successful dial *312# and press 4 to enjoy your night plan. See more here

Hope you like this, do some good by sharing with friends.

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How To Buy MTN Airtime From Any Bank -MTNOnDemand

For those of you that don't know about this service. This is a second option to buying recharge card vouchers. When you recharge using MTNOnDemand you get credited instantly with a few bonuses attached to transfers via VTU.

For me, I can't even remember when last i visited a vendor to get Airtime. All i do is recharge using the USSD code provided by MTN for instant recharge from my bank. The interesting thing about this service is that there's no bank charge attached at daily, monthly or yearly.

Also, you can recharge any amount you want to recharge. Like we know, N100 airtime is the least you can get from your recharge card vendor. But with MTNOnDemand you can even recharge N50 without restriction or charge.

If you are too lazy to go out, or when it not convenient maybe at night you can use this service.

How To Recharge From your Bank With MTNOnDemand
To top up your account from your Bank account, simple dial *904*Amount#. Meanwhile, it seems like the service is limited to a few banks. If you use banks like Diamond Bank, Stanbic Bank, FCMB, Zenith Bank, Fidelity Bank you can recharge easily.

Asides this, there are other ways you can recharge your mobile device. It can be recharge by either using an Internet connection via your Bank Mobile App, or using the USSD Code provided by your bank for easy recharge.
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