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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Cheap Airtel Data Plans 2017 - Activation Codes

Airtel is known for their unending offers to customers. These offers come with some conditions which is mainly with eligibility, maybe determined by your usage of data or airtime. Anyways today I will reveal somethings different from offers which am sure you will definitely like.

The cost of data in Nigeria is really high compared to other countries. This has erupted different versions of loopholes (freebrowsing) and misuse of offers. Now we will talk about Cheap Airtel Data plans which maybe you don’t know. They are affordable and can be purchased daily, weekly, monthly.

We have carefully selected from various Airtel data plans and came out with best for you. Now see them below

Airtel Cheap Data Plans
1. Airtel Social Bundles:
The Airtel Social bundle is one of the cheapest plans you can get from Airtel. These plans work for all devices and it is reallt afforadable as it accompanies large data volume at a good amount. Some of the plans are enumerated below
Airtel 1GB for N300 (30 days) - Dial *688*1# to subscribe
Airtel 200MB for N200 (30 days) - Dial *688*2 to subscribe
Airtel 100MB for N100 (30 days) - Dial *688*3# to subscribe

2. Airtel BlackBerry Plans:
Airtel BB Plans are damn cheap and cool for you. For those that go for monthly subscriptions, I highly recommend this for you. With N1000 you can get 3GB. Oh Yea! Totally differ from the Normal 1.5GB for N1000 which am sure is not really cool.
To subscribe, click here and you are on your way to 3GB data for N1000

3. Airtel Night Plan:
For those that can stay throughout the night I recommend you go for this plan. It is really cheap and can be used without hitches with network, that is if the network coverage is cool in your area.
To subscribe you have to migrate from your current call tariff plan. The night plan lasts from 12AM - 5AM which N25 gives you 500MB
To subcribe dial *312#, press 1 to migrate to smarttrybe. Now if Migration is successful dial *312# and press 4 to enjoy your night plan. See more here

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