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Friday, November 17, 2017

See Airtel Amazing Data Offers You Never Knew Of - Activation Codes

Everyday we try to gain access to the internet i.e. for those with internet enabled devices. But before that, Internet isn't accessible for free in Nigeria unless you go through the backdoor (Cheats). However, checkout for affordable data plans for different networks to stay online.

Although many have been pleased lately with the latest data plan from Glo, but have laid complains on Network coverage which is a major limitation to data consumption.

Network service provider, Airtel got good network coverage in Nigeria; so we have carefully selected some data plans which are affordable for use. Yesterday we revealed 9mobile data plans.

Popular network service provider, airtel is not yet ready to quit the struggle to become the best network provider in Nigeria. Check out their current and massive data plans that promise to Keep you forever glued to the internet:

1. Airtel 2G data plans:
2G as we all know can be quite annoying because of it's slowness, but on the other hand, it has it's own advantage, it quite cheap! Sure you would be tempted to move back to 2G network!

>> You get 2GB for as much as N200
>> 6GB for just N500! Isn't this what we call cheap?

Note: can mostly work on 2G.
Validity: can't tell, but would be for less than 30 days.

2. Airtel 150% data plan offer:
Recently introduced by airtel, with this plan, you can get as much as 2GB with just N500. Amazing right?

Note: this offer can only work on selected SIM.
Validity: can last for as much as three weeks

To activate, dial *418*2#.

The above listed plans are the best Airtel plans you can get today, they are affordable and should keep you active online.

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