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Preshtech which I would say is a blog for all; permits every viewer to post. Your Post must belong to one of this categories

-  Tech News
- Android, iPhones, PC Tutorials
- Latest Phones and Gadgets Review
- How Tos
- Free Browsing Tweaks/Cheats

Do you belong to any and interested write for us , kindly Contact Us by clicking HERE. However, before your post can be accepted some guiding principles must be strictly observed, please.

1. We accept Original Contents and do not expect a submitted post to appear somewhere else. Don't ask how we gonna know whether  its copied but just adhere to this rule. And we would also like the article not to appear somewhere else in the future.

2. If you wish to advertise your product, please we advice use the Advert  section. If you send your post with the sole aim of advertising your blog, products, we won't accept it. We know what to do to help promote your blog or product when you write for us.

3. Posting too much External Links, Affiliate Link is prohibited.

4. We Edit any Post sent to Us before publishing them.

5. Your Post must be lengthy and must have quality. We believe in Quality than Quantity. But it's your choice but make sure it's up to 200 words or more.

6. Images that contain Watermarked links are not allowed. Make sure your image corresponds with the message you are passing across.

7. Include your name and your blog URL at the end of the post for promotion.

8. We will contact you whether your post  will be published.

Feel free to Post then we review.

Precious Ojoka

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