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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Download Assault Fury, Mission Combat APK for Android Free

Assault Fury: Mission Combat APK is a action and shooting game for Android. On this game you are given a task to shoot and kill terrorists and dangerous opponents and on the other hand protect citizens who are peaceful.

You also take part in street fights  which is really tense but a good gamer has nothing to worry about the level of this game. It supports a lot of Android versions and comes in a small size to help you save storage. - Assault Fury Download Link


As a fighting and shooting game, you have different weapons such as sniper rifles to use on enemies. Enemies/terrorists send in drones and combat robot; you are expected to avoid them or defeat them. As you go on with this game you can upgrade your weapon or shooting features.

Below are some features of Assault Fury Mission Combat APK

Features of Assault Fury: Mission Combat
1. Different game modes
2. Cool and exciting missions
3. Good sound quality and graphic
4. Big weapon arsenal

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

VR and Online Gaming App Trends in 2017

The history of video games have dated back since to the very beginning of 20th century technology from the days of the sonic hedgehog down to Nintendo's super mario.

In 2017 Virtual reality and apps have taken whole new level as technological advancements has improved drastically.

VR and online gaming app trends has been totally improved in 2017 and it will be discussed in this article.

The new advanced VR now requires even easy more ways we can engage socially and even play games, gone are the days we required close distance to engage and play games with friends. We could now use the internet to easily reach our friends over long distances.

There are lots of online games infact ranging from sport games, kid games, action games, adventure and even online casino games. In fact in recent years with technological advancements online casino games become popular the more.

Gaming interfaces now has taken whole lot new level as gaming now involves in 3D interfaces, graphics look more great and controls are more flexible.

Along with that, these VR apps also has peripherals most especially the headsets that have been developed in recent years. Gaming has been aided with more fun and user functionality.

Expatiating more on gaming app trends, before 2017 we have seen gaming companies pull off great controllers for gamers, ranging from playstation move to Xbox kinect that requires gamers to interact in a gaming session in a surreal way.

Even in these advancement, it should make game companies more competitive depending on the interest and taste of gamers. I noticed some gamers prefer adventure online games using VR technology than action games. Competitiveness is still being maintained in the incoming VR field.

Another VR advancement in 2017 is social networks VR apps. Social Media Giant Facebook released their VR app as well in 2017, while this was rated as great it also marks great advancement in the VR world and other social networks are buckling up to also throw-up their very own VR app.

In general conclusion, VR technology and gaming app trends in 2017 is booming and advancing than ever, Companies are making more intrusive technologies and gamers are expanding exquisite tastes. Virtual reality will be realised from a whole greater dimension and while most people better start realise this fantasy filled applications are necessary for human social and moral development they also have to realize it's full importance and regular improvements.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Download (DLS17) Dream League Soccer 2017

Dream League Soccer 2017 is one of the best soccer games you'll find on Google Play, and the best part is that it’s completely free. This Game Requires Android 2.3 And Above.

At the beginning of the game you have to choose a name for your team, design your kit, and choose a captain. That done, From there you'll have to start winning matches in order to move up to a higher division.

Along the way you have to manage all aspects of your team: improve your stadium's facilities, create your team's tactics, sign players, and review all stats for your team's starting squad.You only have three basic buttons: pass, shoot, and cross – but these are more than enough for you to enjoy an amazing control system. 

Download Dream League Soccer 2017 (DLS2017) here
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Best Action, Shooting Game For Android: Zombie Reaper 3 Download

The Zombie Reaper 3 is another shooting and action game you must love. The game which was revealed this year accompanies easy controls, on like other games that you have to go through severe training before playing.

In this game dubbed Zombie Reaper 3, you can move, drive shoot and kill many zombies as you wish.

Watch Zombie Reaper 3 Gameplay

How to Play Zombie Reaper 3
1.       Destroy The zombies And Clear the city streets out of bloodthirsty zombies.

2.       Take a convenient position and hoot from an assault rifle or other weapons.

3.       Test your survival skills during zombie apocalypse in this exciting Android game.

4.       Destroy horrible zombies trying to reach you.

5.       Aim accurately trying to make headshots. Shoot fast to remove more targets. Get into an artillery jeep or other cars, rush along a highway smashing zombies.

6.       Buy powerful weapons and other munitions in The Game

Where To Download Zombie Reaper 3
Download it here

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Free Download FIFA17.apk For Android APK + OBB FILE

After much anticipation, the FIFA17 for Android is now available for everyone. The game for me is the best when compared with other soccer games. Though the PES17 for Android and FTS17 were well developed in this year's edition.

The FIFA17 comes with different exciting features game freaks should admire. In this game, you should experience Real Players, Real Stadiums, team building and live events. Asides that you can also manage your team, keep returning back to new daily contents, go head to head as well.
The game is not easy like your FTS17 and PES17, you need to be a veteran in soccer games to enjoy every part of FIFA17 (Not discouraging Newbies)

On the cover of this game, you would see Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United's Antonio Martial,  Chelsea's Eden Hazard, and James Rodriguez. For your information Martial is just too good in this edition of the FIFA game for Android, though his my favorite.

Some Features of FIFA17 For Android
1. Authentic Action:  
This game features 30 leagues, 650 real teams, and over 17, 000 players. Featuring great players like The Argentinean Wizard Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo of  Real Madrid, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard, Antonio Martial, Gareth Bale, Suarez, Neymar, Aguero, Lewandoski, Rashford etc  for defense destruction and perfect attack

2. Live Events: This feature is a newly added feature which lets you stay connected with latest stories, transfers etc. You also earn daily rewards.

3. Great Graphics

4. Join A Legend

5. Ultimate team 

6. Online game

FIFA17 Game Download Description
Genre: Sports
Developer: EA Sport
Game Size: 59MB
Requirement: Android 4.4 higher

Where To Download FIFA17.apk For Android?
Download it here

One this I don’t admire about this game is that; it can only be played online, though the came is really interesting.
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Monday, October 31, 2016

First Third Party Pro Controllers For PS4 Consoles Revealed and Approved by Sony

The first third party PS4 console controller has been announced by Sony. According to Sony, these controllers are used for professional gaming Courtesy of Razer and Nacon (Manufacturers). Like the caption explains, they are the first third party controllers officially approved by Sony.

Razer Raiju Controller
The first Console out of the two launched is Razer Raiju named after a Japanese Creature as seen in the image below. This control has a built-in control panel on the front, two additional bumpers and two extra detachable triggers at the back.

Features Of the Razer Raiju Controller
  • Uses trigger-stop switches and have hair-trigger mode for quick response during competitive games.
  • H two custom profiles that you can switch between using the buttons on the front.
  • The analog sticks have detachable rubber caps for additional grip.
  • Like the DualShock 4, the Raiju includes a 3.5mm headphone jack with dedicated buttons for volume and mute.
  • It connects to the PS4 via a 3m long braided cable, which can be detached.

Nacon Revolution
The Nacon Revolution comes in the X-Box style as seen in the image below

Features Nacon Revolution
  • Nacon like the X-Box has 46 degree amplitude non-symmetric analog stick
  • Enhanced 8-way directional pad
  • Four custom profiles for remapping controls
  • 4 Extra Shortcut buttons
  • Adjustable sensitivity of shoulder buttons
  • Adjustable weight with six additional removable weights
  • 3m long detachable cable.

Where Can I Get Nacon or Razer Controllers
These controllers will be accessible by December and prices will be unveiled.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Free Download Latest PES17.apk and OBB File For Android (HD)

Out of many cooked food one comes out to be the best, out of many versions of a game, one modded version comes out to be the best as well. The previous version of the PES17 game for android was a replacement for the earlier version introduced. Though the second didn’t accompany any bug at all but had issues with the download link sometimes.

This version of PES17 for android just got an advantage over the older modded version, as it is in HD form with better graphics.

Read Also:

Features of PES17 For Android
1.Better Graphics
2. HD Format
3. Control players in  more unique ways
4. Game size is About 1GB but injected with better features that the former PES17 For Android which was 5.2GB
5. Requires Android 4.0 above

Demerits of PES17
1. Firstly it an online game (Got better things to do with you data right? Lolx)
2. Drains battery swiftly, particularly for those with poor battery and consider playing the game online with 3G or their 4G Network on.
3. Commentary comes in a separate file like FIFA for Android, demands you download it which is about 256mb.

Below is PES17 Game Play

Where To Download PES17.apk + OBB File
Download PES17.apk and OBB file here or here

How to Make PES17 Play On My Android Device
1. After downloading from the above link…
2. Extract the apk and obb file to any accessible location in your SD Card or device memory
3. Locate and Install the apk file
4. Copy jp.konami.pesactionmobile folder into SDCard>>Android>>OBB (If you can't find OBB in your device create a new folder and rename it to OBB)

Tell us your experience playing this game!
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Free Download Clash of Kings.apk v2.12 For Android

Last month Clash of Kings was rated here as the best strategy game of the week. Now there is an update for this wonderful game. The game is developed by Elex Wireless with the version officially released last month. The game can be played on Android and PC as well.

The Strategy game is a worldwide multiplayer game, where different players show different gaming experiences by building castles and safe guarding them as well.  The game also gives the player the ability to plan battle strategies to become king and control and protect the kingdom. Basically, you fight to survive in Clash of Kings.

Newly Added Features in Class of Kings v2.12.0
  • Resource Management
  • Training Your Army and leading them to battle
  • Dragon Campaign with acient battle field
  • Talk to friend or group with via chating; kingdom chat and alliance chat
  • Increase you stats with the college and research technologies
  • Give buffs and titles to players in your kingdom and lots more

Where Can I Download Clash of Kings.apk v2.12.0

Download Clash of Kings.apk here 

How To Install Clash of Kings
After Downloading, just tap on the downloaded apk file to install.

Happy gaming
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Android and iOS Users Can Now Play Games on Telegram 3.13

Telegram which is one of the best Instant Messaging App packs lots of exciting features every Whatsapp users would envy. Though Whatsapp still remains the best instant messaging App according to statistics.

Interestingly, Telegram has added another feature for game lovers. Telegram 3.13 comes with game support which allows you play games and share and play games with your friends online. The game is activated Officially by Telegram developers to add more fun to chatting.

These games in the Telegram App does not affect the size of the Instant Messaging App in any way. The game played on the app is made possible by the new API, which lets developers build HTML5 games into apps.

Where To Download Telegram 3.13

How To Play Games On Telegram 3.13
All you need to do the activate the gamebot is; type in @gamebot in any conversation followed by the name of the game you want to play. You can also select from the list.

Can I Play Games On Telegram 3.13 With 2 or more Friends?
Yes. The game supports single player, multiplayer and can also be played with group of friends. It as well saves high scores

Telegram users tell us your experience.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

PES17 Download - PES17.Apk + OBB File Download For Android OS

The PES17 game was launched for Xbox, Playstation4, Playstation 3 and other supported devices. As of now PES17 is Available for download but not from Konami, a moded version in other words.

The Previously unleashed PES17 for Android got loads of problem, especially issues with the game starting up. Though that should be an old story now because this version is perfect and working fine. The controls, players, pitches etc are all excellent.

PES17.apk Game Description
  • Name: PES17
  • Size: 260MB
  • Game Mode: Offline
  • Supported Version: Android 2.3+

Where Can I Download PES17.apk + OBB?
Download Pes17.Apk File Here
Download PES17 OBB file here

How To Make PES17 Play On Your Device
=> Extract the Obb data file from the default folder using RAR or Xplorer

=> Open the Data folder and then copy "Com.konamiproduction.pes17" folder to Android/Data.

=> Do the same, Open the OBB folder and copy "Com.konamiproduction.pes17" folder to Android/OBB

Happy Gaming
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Free Download Cracked Game Version of Latest PES17 For PC - Torrent Free

Konami recently unleashed the much-anticipated PES17 game on 13th September 2016 , with incredible graphics. The players, commentary,  stadiums, pitch,  and fans made this PES17 more interesting.

PES17 is currently available for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, X-Box 1, X-Box 360 and PC. As expected Barcelona's MSN (Messi, Neymar and Suarez) Pique, Rakitic were seen on the cover.

FIFA17 which is expected to be released this September, have already gained huge fame. As we await FIFA17, let's have a look at the features of the New PES17.

PES17 Game Features
  • Game Play 
  • Edit 
  • Special
  • Single Player
  • Multi-player
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Fast installation
  • Less errors and more

PES17 Game Download Description
Name: PES17
Size: 5GB
Platform: PC

Where Can I get it?
Download it here

Happy gaming
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Friday, September 16, 2016

Free Download Asphalt 8 Airborne V2.4.0 Offline Game, APK + OBB File - Highly Compressed

Asphalt 8 Airborne is another cool game for your Android device. The version of the racing game is a modded version, That gives you large figure of money and other awesome features.

The game is well developed as users can select  different cars with high speed from the garage e.g. Ferrari FXX, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborgini Veneno, and Pagani Zonda R.

Asphalt 8 Airborne v2.4.0h also comes with different locations for swift racing, some of these locations include Venice, Iceland, French Guiana, and the Nevada desert.   

Other Features of Asphalt 8 Airborne v2.4.0 Mod
1. Simultaneous Multiplayer and Ghost Challenge
2. Soft Music to boost your morale
3. 8 Seasons and 180 events in career mode
4. Amazing visuals

Where Can I Download Asphalt 8 Airborne?
Download Apk here
Download OBB File Here

How To Install this game to your device
  • Extract the Archive folder to any location in your SD
  • Copy to Storage>>Android>>OBB
  • Install the apk. file and enjoy

Happy Gaming!
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Am Amazed: List Of Top 10 Free Kick Takers In FIFA17 Game

EA Sport is set to unveil the another edition of the popular football game in the world. Ahead of the launch FIFA which initially released the list of 10 highest rated players has revealed list of top 10 free kick takers

Formerly Juventus Player Andrea Pirlo Topped the list of free kick takers in the World followed by Hakan Calhanoglu of Bayer Leverkusen . Barcelona's Lionel Messi was No 6 with 93 overall rating.

Surprisingly, Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronald did not make the Top 10 list of free kick takers as Manchester United Player Memphis Depay was seen on the list

See list below


Andrea Pirlo
New York City FC
Hakan Calhanoglu
Bayarn Leverkusen
Miralem Pjanic
Dimitri Payet
West Ham
 Mehmet Ekici
Lionel Messi
Memphis Depay
Machester United
Francesco Lodi
Shunsuke Nakamura
Yokohama Marinos
Gylfi Sigurdsson

The game will be available come September 27th, for Playstation 4, PlayStation 3, X-Box 1, X-Box 360, and PC.

Where is Willian Chelsea fans😂?
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

List of 10 Highest Rated Players in The Much Anticipated FIFA17 Game

FIFA17 will be launched this month, ahead of this launch EA Sports has revealed 10 players with the highest rating. Now the question is, "Was your club represented on that list?.

Smiles on the faces of Barca and Real Madrid fans, because they know they always beat the run down. This time, Real Madrid Star and formerly united star  Christiano Ronaldo made it to the top, having performed very excellently last season, winning the Two UEFA Trophies. Barcelona's Lionel Messi missed it surprisingly  since 2009 by dropping to the second spot.

Neymar Jr. and Luis Suarez were also included to complete the MSN love. Real Madrid Star Gareth Bale was likewise included.

I grinned somewhat here in light of the fact that Manchester United players - Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David De Gea were not left out.

See List Below


1. Christiano Ronaldo - 94 (Real Madrid)

2. Lionel Messi  - 93 (Barcelona)

3. Neymar Jr. - 92 (Barcelona)

4. Luis Suarez - 92 (Barcelona)

5. Manuel Neuer - 92 (Bayern Munich)

6. Gareth Bale - 90 (Real Madrid)

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 90 (Manchester United)

8. Jerome Boateng - 90 (Bayern Munich)

9. Robert Lewandowski - 90 (Bayern Munich)

10. David De Gea - 90 (Manchester United)

This game will be available by 27th September 2016, for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, X-Box 1, X-Box 360 and PC.

Chelsea fans be like "Hazard deserved this". Well, let's see what happens come 2017.
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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Free Download Virtua Tennis Challenge v4.5.4 With Multiplayer APK + OBB File 2016

For those that don't know about Virtua Tennis Challenge; Virtua Tennis Challenge is an android game with perfect graphics (HD). The game is arguably the best Tennis game for Android.

In this game, you would compete with 50players in 18 stadiums, build concentration, perform great skills to make your opponent suffer as it comes with the Multiplayer Mode

Features of This Game.
1. Ability to perform amazing skills; Unleash Top Spins, Slice Shots, Support For Swipe, etc.
2. Multiplayer Mode
3. Compete in Single or Double Challenge
4. Multi Player
5. Quick Match Mode
6. Exhibition Match
 7. HD view and more

The Sports game is just 230MB

Where Can I Get it?
Download Virtua Tennis Challenge V4.5.4 Here

How To Install this Game To Your Device
1. Extract  Virtua Tennis Challenge V4.5.4.rar (APK and OBB)
2. Install the APK file you extracted
3. Copy the folder "" To SDCard>>Android>>OBB
4. Launch your installed APK file and enjoy

Happy Gaming
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

See Photos Of New Samsung Gaming Monitor With Curved Screen To Be Unveiled At IFA 2016

Game lovers, imagine you're playing the most recent PES17 or any astonishing game with a curved screen Monitor, the beauty of the display just keeps the morale high right? Immaculate game graphics, stunning screen display.

Few hours ago, Samsung uncovered that they would be launching two curved screen Monitor for games. (Samsung CFG70 and CF791) This monitor yet to be unveiled will highlight a Quantum Dot Technology.

Samsung CFG70 will be accessible is two variants; 24-inche and 27-inche. While CF791 will feature a single, 34-inch flavor. The both will displays 125% of sRGB spectrum. It has 1800R Curvature with 1ms response time, and fast refresh rate of up to 144Hz.


The Samsung CF791 sports a 21:9 ratio and a curvature of 1500R making it the most curved gaming Monitor in the World. The Stand is vertically flexible.  It refreshes rate is 100Hz and supports AMD Free Sync; which helps synchronize the frame rate of games with AMD GPUs.

Additionally both of the models underwent factory calibration which optimizes black gamma levels and white balance levels for temperature management.

The cost of these Monitors is not yet known until further notice.

What do you have to say about this dope monitor?
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Free Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (PES17) For PC and For Android

Game lovers in the buildin,g another edition of the Pes17 has just been released even before it Official release date. The Official release date of the PES 17 is 13 to 15th September 2016. The Game will be unleashed for  Playstation 3,  4, Xbox 1, Xbox 360 and PC. Although with PPSSPP Emulator you can play this game on your android device.

The game which is referred to as Winning Eleven in many Asian Countries has a 3D crystal clear display, with cool design and enhanced graphics.

Now talking about the main cover of the game; it is confirmed that the Barcelona MSN (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) Rakitic and Pique are spotted on the cover. Although you might see different players on different covers if yours is  from vendors or road side sellers (Copyright)

Features Of Pes17
1. Improved Graphics
2. Improved goal tending techniques
3. Real Touch Ball Control and many more

How To Enjoy PES17 on Your Android Device
1. Download PES17 Here
2. Download Android Emulator Here

How To Use It
1. Once the game is downloaded extract it from .RAR  and you would find the IOS file
2. Now open your PPSSPP and locate the folder your extracted it to, and click the game.
In case you were asked to provide a password use this PESFUXION2016-17
If the game refuses to play move the download file to SD Card and extract to any location in your SD card.

Happy gaming
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Leaked Images of Slim PS4 Before Announcement

PlaySation 4 is arguably the best game console in the world, having hit enough sales lately last year. Game lovers, for those anticipating, The release of the Sony Playstation 4 is expected next month, September 7th. The company will announce an update to the most recent PlaySation 4 Neo by next month.

But according to a source, is like Sony has a hidden console to be announced on the day of launch; September 7th, 2016.

Img Credit: GSMArena
Features of PlayStation 4
=>> Unlike the Popular PS2 and PS3, the PS4 will come in a slimmer variant with rounded edges. Although it still maintains the slanted design of the current model.
=>> At the front, you would find The mechanical key which is used for power and eject with two USB Ports.
=>> At the back you would also find power, HDMI, AUX, and Ethernet ports
=>> The PS4 has additional capabilities like, has support for 4K videos or HDR.
=>> The variant in the above image will feature a 500GB Storage

The price is expected to be lower than the old PS4, For now, we don’t know the price, but will keep you updated during the event next month 

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Download First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS17) Apk + OBB File

Game lovers in the building, I am delighted to announce to you that First Touch Soccer 2017 (FTS17)  is now available for download. This edition comes with new improvements you would love. I guess you are excited and ready to install and play FTS 17

Now talking about the graphics of the game; it has really improved compared to previous editions, 85% better than the popular Dream League 2016.

Game Size
The game size is less than 300mb.

Where to Download
To Download FTS 17 to your Android device click here and please make sure you click on FTS17 mod by Jan Kogel Apk.

How To Make This Game Work After Download.
1. Firstly, extract the download zip file and copy 'com.firsttouchgames.fts15' to under the data folder to your Android/data folder
2. Secondly, copy the 'com.firsttouchgames.fts15'  to your Android>>obb folder
3. You can now start the game
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 Sales Comparison

Playstation 4 is arguably  the World's Number one game console. According to a market research firm NPD, X-Box One Outsold PS4 in the United States this month after Sony topped the selling table back in October 2015.

Meanwhile, Overall statistics has revealed that  Sony's PlayStation 4 still dominates as the best-selling game in the world and loved by many.

Aside from that Microsoft has recorded a noteworthy number of sales, for instance in January no less than 18 Million X-Box One Consoles were sold.

Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 Sales Comparison
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