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Friday, July 14, 2017

Download Anonytun v2.5 APK For Android Free

Download Anonytun v2.5 APK For Android Free

AnonyTun has revealed another version dubbed AnonyTun v2.5. This version comes with a few additional features, which was not included in some other old versions of this wonderful VPN App. Glo users can relate when I call it wonderful.

Anyways, as we know we use it to browse for free, access blocked contents as it also aids compression. Besides other features it blazes well for the Glo 0.0k as well as for 9Mobile 0.0k Browsing.

Anyways see download link for latest Version of Anonytun VPN below

Download AnonyTun VPN v2.5 Here or Here

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Shocking - See Monthly Salaries of Globalcom Workers

Shocking - See Monthly Salaries of Globalcom Workers

The issue we face with Globalcom A.K.A Glo has been with the issue of network coverage in Nigeria. Although they got cheap data plans with less bug of zapping but the subject has been a big one. My question  is 'what are the improvements they are planning on network coverage or should it be with their workers? Now, that’s just part of it, let me move to the main gossip

The monthly salary of Globalcom workers is quite cool for those who are interested to work with them. Even though the got issues outside with services they offer, they still fix good money into the pockets of their workers. Should I call that a lazy man's job? No, never! Anyways see below the salaries of Globacom workers in Nigeria

Monthly Salaries of Globacom Workers
  • Customer Care Representative -  N56,000 – N110,000
  • Sales Executive - N100,000 – N150,000
  • Area Sales Manager -  N380,000 – N500,000
  • Legal Officer/Specialist -  N280,000 – N300,000
  • BSS Engineer - N125,000 – N150,000
  • HR Specialist/Executive -  N208,000 – N229,000
  • Payable/Payroll Accountant -  N150,000 – N200,000
  • Regional Sales Manager-  N700,000 – N890,000

With this salaries, I think they can improve the bad network coverage. Trust me if Glo network should be like others, they will capture half the internet users in Nigeria.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Free Download Stark VPN 4.0 For Etisalat and Glo 0.0k Cheats

Free Download Stark VPN 4.0 For Etisalat and Glo 0.0k Cheats

Stark VPN is one of the top VPN Apps we have used to enjoy the Glo 0.0k Tweak. The previous version 3.9 was cool with Etisalat 60MB tweak and kinda perfect with the Glo 0.0k free browsing cheat. Anyways, in this new version you got ability to switch servers as before though with pop up ads still avaible.

The App is totally free and can be used anywhere in Nigeria for freebrowsing. With Stark VPN you don’t need too much space or a premium access. The app is developed by iStack and accessible by everyone. Additionally, it doesn’t consume RAM and battery and torrent friendly. It also aids compression.

Where To Download Stark VPN.apk V4.0

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How To Use Stark VPN for Free Browsing - Glo and Etisalat
1. After downloading and installing, launch the android app
2. Select any server you want
3. Now click on the second option and select Glo or Etisalat.
4. Now hit the connect button.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Best, Latest, New Way To Enjoy Glo 0.0K Unlimited Browsing With Less  Disconnection - Stark VPN 2.8

The Best, Latest, New Way To Enjoy Glo 0.0K Unlimited Browsing With Less Disconnection - Stark VPN 2.8

Stark VPN has been one  of the best VPN in the last two months in terms of free browsing in Nigeria. The VPN hit the roof when the Airtel 0.0k loophole was discovered. You should be aware that this VPN app comes with Premium servers that gives you unlimited time for browsing with less disconnection.

Meanwhile, the Glo 0.0k browsing cheat has lasted for a long time with serious issues of constant disconnection, speed throttling after 10mb and even not connecting at all. I guess due to less number of people rocking the Glo cheat, that why it hasn’t been blocked. Though other methods where adapted to solve the problem with Glo 0.0k tweak which didn’t favor most individuals.

For those that all methods we disclosed on this Blog didn’t favor, here's is the best solution we got to the Glo wahala. You would not have to select servers and tweaks only as we did in older versions of Stark VPN. A little trick has to be applied for swift browsing, fast connection and less disconnection.

As it is, with this method, I have rocked close to 3GB  for the first time since the Glo 0.0k tweak was discovered. So follow steps below and enjoy free browsing at it best with Glo.

Requirements For Glo Free Browsing With Stark VPN 2.8
1. Your Glo SIM with
2. A very strong 3G Network
3. Your Android Device
4. Stark VPN 2.8 (Download it here)

New Settings For Stark VPN 2.8
1. After downloading select any region you want (I recommend USA), and Select Tweak as Glo

Here is the trick……
2. Now click on Custom  beside tweak
3. Select Connection, Use HTTP
4. Header: Use
5. Now tick reverse proxy
5. Hit the back button, and connect

If it disconnects at 3MB after connection, just clear cache and connect again, it gonna be stable.

The Custom feature was recently added which is pretty cool for those experiencing constant disconnection. Guess this helps.

Happy browsing

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Download True VPN.apk, Another Alternative For The Glo 0.0K, & Etisalat NXTFRWD

Download True VPN.apk, Another Alternative For The Glo 0.0K, & Etisalat NXTFRWD

Yesterday I introduced Stark VPN for Glo Unlimited browsing and Etisalat unlimited browsing. So today I will reveal another wonderful VPN App which is working perfectly, tested and confirmed by me. The VPN is not that different from Stark VPN but seems it comes with a better configuration which could be an alternative. The App is dubbed True VPN

The VPN apps do not require any settings like Stark VPN. Interesting, it can work on 2G, 3G and 4G Network on all Android device. No speed throttling, no disconnection.

Some Features of True VPN
1. Less Battery Consumption
2. The servers are premium servers and can be used for unlimited browsing (Glo and Etisalat only for now)
3. Download speed with True VPN is 700kb/s at average.
4. Doesn’t consume space.

How To Use True VPN
To use true VPN, simple select location and tweak. In location you should see, USA, England, Canada etc. while in Tweak you would see Glo, Etisalat. Select from any of the location and well as the tweaks and hit the connect button.

As for APN, just use your default APN address and it connects asap!

Where To Download True VPN.apk
Download this VPN App here

Enjoy your browsing